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Down N Dirty Outdoors Haint Gobble Call

  • The Haint from Down N Dirty Outdoors
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"Since the very first time man tried calling a turkey into gun range using turkey language, the hen's voice no doubt has been the preferred method. But what if there was a better way to catch the proverbial "two legged mouse?" We believe, without a doubt, we've built a better mouse trap with The Haint Gobble Call! Up until now the Spring was all about breeding and lovesick gobblers. But what comes first, establishing dominance or breeding? Dominance MUST be established before any breeding can occur. That's why early in the Spring you'll hear pockets of gobbling. Then once the breeding begins, gobblers will be spread over a large area. Why? Because dominance has been established and they give each other space. After using The Haint Gobble Call this past Spring in several states and cycles of the breeding season, we are convinced that dominance over rules the will to breed. We as turkey hunters have played the dominance card very little. Why? It's simple. As good as all the great call builders before us no one has designed, built, and tested a gobble call that truly replicates the gobble of the wild turkey! Until now. The Haint Gobble Call will change turkey hunting as we know it forever!

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Product Reviews

  1. a gobble that sounds like it

    Posted by Wesley on 3rd Jul 2013

    Takes some time to get this down but when you do all that is needed is to fine tune the motion to sound like a Gobbler. Though it does not sound that great up close at 20 yards it sounds like the real thing.

  2. hiant call

    Posted by Denny on 28th May 2013

    Practice with the call getting on to it can't uses it till the fall season.

  3. Only 3 stars because I just recieved it

    Posted by Tony on 7th May 2013

    Had a hard time finding one in stock anywhere. Still trying to get the gobble down. Its coming but not ready to take into the field yet. Season started May 1st. Not much time to practice

  4. Two ways but one is killer

    Posted by Wesley on 27th Apr 2013

    I recently acquired a D N D Haint gobble call. I've mastered both styles of blowing but for kicks I purposely made two hunts each using just one style of calling. I'm a lifelong duck hunter and the tika tika tika style of blowing the call seems to be more effective on the Easterns in East Texas and just kills the Rio in south Texas. All I can say is stay with it until you get the call down, either style works but the latter seems most effective in our area. Thanks guys you really did it and without all the motion of the shaker calls that don't come close in sound.

  5. Best Sounding Gobble Call

    Posted by Hokie73 on 11th Apr 2013

    Practice, practice, practice. If you practice this gobble call like you should practice all your turkey calls, you'll get it. It took me several hours over the course of 3 days to make a decent gobble. Now I can make them regularly. I had my wife video tape me calling from a distance and it sounds just like a real gobbler. Buy it if you want to make the most realistic gobbles possible.

  6. The Haint Gobble Call

    Posted by Shanw on 15th May 2012

    Excellent product still trying to make it sound as good as the Down And Dirty guys but I'm getting it.

  7. once you learn to use it ... amazing

    Posted by Will Simms on 14th Feb 2012

    i picked one of these Haint calls at the NWTF show in Nashville ... i worked for a couple of hours and watched the video over and over ... finally i got it

  8. The Haint Gobble Call just like they advertise .

    Posted by I Robbins on 10th Feb 2012

    The Haint Gobble Call is just as they say after a little practice watching the DVD a few times listen what they say you can learn to do the calls they make plus a little extra they said on the DVD.My Grand Children was laughing and said that sounds like a Turkey Pappaw after that they had me laughing so hard and thats when I had to stop practice the Haint Gobble Call.Stay with it listen to the DVD.Thank you for the Haint Gobble Call.