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Lohman K'Meer Deer Call

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*The K'Meer Deer call is a communication call different from a "Bleat" or "Grunt" call *It actually says "Come Here", "Come Closer", "Stay Here" *Attracts both Whitetail and Mule deer *True nasal tone *Locates, lures and holds deer *Contact and distress bleat *Calls both bucks and does *Fits easily in a shirt or vest pocket

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Product Reviews

  1. Dominant Doe with a Bow

    Posted by Richard L. Parker Sr. on 21st Apr 2013

    I was bow hunting in North Carolina when I spotted a group of Does and yearling. I settled my sight on one of the mature does and released the arrow only to hit a limb that I had not seen in the arrow path which made the deer run off. I thought how can I turn this around and remembered that I had my k-meer deer call. I blew on the call and made a fawn in distress sound on it. This made the dominate doe come back to within a few yards of my stand and I made a perfect shot! This is a great call and one that will work on Coyotes when the deer starts droping their fawns in June.

  2. 8 Points Buck

    Posted by Paul on 31st Oct 2011

    I got my first Canadian Whitetail 8 points buck with a K'Meer Deer call, I was seating on a big rock, overlooking the brook, every 20 minutes a blow into the K'Meer Deer call, three times with a soft blow, and wait for 20 minutes, in less than the third time repetition this process, I hear the 8 points buck running to me and stop about 15 feets and he wheeze a call. I shot him there! I use this K'Meer Deer call two more season and use it as my introduction call to see, if any local deer are near my tree stand or ground blind. I had success to see deer with it or/and hear deer grunt back to me! I recommend this product to anybody that would like to observed a deer behaviour or/and hunting season.