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McNett Gear Aid MiraZyme Odor Eliminator
2oz. All natural odor eliminator removes odor and organic debris from outdoor gear. Removes odors from mold, mildew, bacteria and algae. Safe for pets, tents, synthetic fabrics, wetsuits, etc. Bio-degradable solution. Fragrance-free.
MSRP: $6.00
McNett M Essentials Aquaseal All-Purpose Patch Kit
Provides the tools to make a permanent repair at home or in the field, including: Aquaseal, 3” adhesive patches, a brush and waterproof instructions. Ideal for waders, dry tops, bags, inflatables, you name it. Offers excellent adhesion, abrasion resistanc
MSRP: $8.95
McNett Gear Aid AquaSeal UV Fast Fix Adhesive
This quick-drying UV adhesive cures in seconds when exposed to sunlight, making instant field repairs literally need to wait for the glue to dry! 1/4-oz. Works in overcast or full light conditions. Safe for all fabrics.
MSRP: $6.75
McNett Aquamira Frontier Pro Tactical Ultralight Water Filter
Portable water filter system allows you to drink directly from source or use as hang drip filter. Connects to any bottle with 28mm opening. Removes greater than 99.999% bacteria, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, chlorine, chemicals, and odor. Filters 50 gallons.
MSRP: $29.99
McNett Gear Aid Air Seam Grip Sealer & Adhesive
A gear repair kit in a tube! Urethane based seam sealer permanently seals seams and repairs rips, tears, or holes. Flexible, waterproof formula. Safe for all natural or synthetic fabrics. Made in USA.
MSRP: $7.25
McNett Gear Aid ReviveX Pro Cleaner (12oz)
Refresh, renew, and revive your outerwear. 4x concentrated formula cleans high-tech synthetic fabrics, insulation, soft-shell, and Gore-Tex. Restores breathability and warmth. Free of fragances. Won't leave residue. Removes dirt, smoke, oils. HE compatibl
MSRP: $9.00
McNett Camo Form Reusable Heavy-Duty Self-Cling Wrap
Adhesive-free, self-adhering gun wrap stretches and sticks to itself. Confirms to any shape for a custom fit. Washable. Reusable. Heavy-duty construction. Easy to cut. Quiets clanking objects. Insulates. Adds grip. Made in USA.
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McNett Aquamira Frontier Flow Bacteria Water Filter & Bottle
Green Line filter removed greater than 99.9999% of bacteria. Removes Cryptosporidium, Giardia, odors, chlorine, chemicals. Filters 100 gallons of water. Replaceable filter. 500ml/minute high flow rate. BPA-free. Antimicrobial technology. BiteMe valve. Pos
MSRP: $29.99
McNett Gear Aid Seam Grip Field Repair Kit
Perfect for repairing seam tears, rips, snags, and holes from branches, brambles, rocks, or other outdoor perils. Lightweight, compact. Safe for all natural or synthetic fabrics. .25oz urethane seam sealer with repair adhesive, 2 patches, brush, guide.
MSRP: $7.25
McNett Gear Aid ReviveX Leather Boot Care Kit
Ideal for cleaning and waterproofing leather boots and footwear. Formula soaks into leather for deep penetrating protection against rain, puddles, and mud. Works on Gore-Tex. Provides rich look. Includes water repellent, boot cleaner, brush, and applicato
MSRP: $18.95
McNett M Essentials Iron Mend Neoprene Patch Kit
Iron-on patches repair most neoprene fabrics. Lined with Barritex for extra abrasion resistance. Strong, flexible, permanent patches. Includes 10"x6" pre-cut patch, reusable heat shielding paper and instructions. Perfect for reinforcing high wear areas.
MSRP: $12.00
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