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Hevi-Shot Hevi-13 Magnum Blend Turkey Loads

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Take advantage of Pattern-Density Technology with Magnum Blend. Put more lethal pellets in your pattern with a combination of No. 5, 6 and 7 Hevi-13 shot, and boost your lethal range by 14 to 17%. Buffered and moly-coated pellets produce a denser pattern than conventional shot. Hevi-13 delivers 20% more knockdown power than lead, substantially longer range and devastating on-target impact. Per 5. Made in USA.
  • Boost your lethal range significantly
  • Buffered and moly-coated pellets for denser patterns
  • 20% more knockdown power than lead

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Product Reviews

  1. Works Great in my 870 22" Barrel

    Posted by Sean Blankrnship on 24th Apr 2014

    I use a Remington 870 Turkey Special with a 22" barrel and a Primos Jelly Head choke with a .660 constriction and the 12GA 3in. 5,6,7 shot magnum load. So far I have never lost a bird I have taken a shot on. For the most part they drop over and are right there in their tracks when I get there although I have never seen a bird not flop once or twice with any turkey load.

    There is not much more I can say as the load works perfectly for my needs. The hevi-shot metal technology appears to be effective and the mixed shot size pattern has given me great success. I would recommend this to anyone who turkey hunts and is able to successfully pattern the shell in their shotgun. The price may seem high but an ethical hunter should only need a few shells per year and when you compare the price for "the moment of the hunt" to what you spend on getting out to the woods to hunt turkey this is not that much of an expense.

    I have purchased a few boxes and try to get two a year in the event they stop making it like Winchester did with the Xtended Range Load a few years back. I don't want go get caught having to buy multiple boxes of shells and patterning again as that is much more expensive than buying extra boxes of a load I know works for me. They usually have rebates every year as well which brings the prices down closer to the price of basic Rem/Win Turkey loads.

    I give them 5 stars because paying twice the price for Nitro shells has not been a requirement for me. The Nitro shells would receive 5 stars likely although their price may earn a 4/5 stars if I had to purchase those due to these not being on the market. If you need 3-1/2" magnum Nitros then you are likely anticipating shooting birds far beyond the distance I would consider a far shot.

  2. Ample turkey getters

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Mar 2013

    To get a better shell will cost almost twice as much.