5.11 Tactical Pursuit Oxford Shoe
5.11 Tactical Pursuit Oxford Shoe
5.11 Tactical Pursuit Oxford Shoe
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5.11 Tactical Pursuit Oxford Shoe

SKU: CA-51-12324
As low as: $54.99
Gunsmoke. Comfortable/durable/professional for casual wear or tactical operation. Nubuck, distressed leather upper. Ortholite insoles. Full rubber outsole. Integrated fence climbing lugs. Recon platform for natural strides. Running shoe performance.
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I love this shoe. For travel, casual, office, and everyday wear, this flexible, comfortable stud of a shoe is all you need. With the unique twist of looking like a shoe, but feeling like a sneaker.

This price is insane, and the reason is simple: the factory produced suede and nubuck that was slightly darker than the intended "Gunsmoke" color standard. To me, frankly, this version looks better. It is first quality in every respect, just did not match 5.11's designated color spec. And that is a great outcome, meaning a 1/2 off deal of epic proportions! This is a legit $110 shoe from 5.11 Tactical. For 50% off, you ain't gonna be disappointed, boyo!

More about the shoe: Max comfort + max agility + max stability. 5.11's Pursuit Oxford is designed to provide optimum performance, control, and agility in a comfortable, lightweight frame. This killer shoe can turn on a dime to work as street gear or business casual. All the benefits of a runnable sneaker platform disguised inside a great-looking everyday shoe. Built with a combination of Suede, Nubuck, Distressed Leather, and Ripstop masterials, the Pursuit Oxford features a low profile CMEVA midsole, a full rubber tactical outsole, and a removeable Ortolite insole. The aggressive fence climbing lugs give you extra mobility, and the high-density collar and accelerated 5.11 Recon 8mm platform design promotes heel lock and toe splay for positive traction in a wide range of environments.


  • Accelerated design promotes toe splay
  • HIgh-density collar ensures heel lock
  • Aggressive yet subtle full rubber tactical outsole and fence climbing lugs
  • Low profile CMEVA midsole
  • 8mm heel to toe offset 
  • Removable OrthoLite insoles
  • Built on the RECON platform for a natural stride whether walking or running
  • Professional appearance with running shoe performance