Avian-X AXP Full Body Honker Feeders (6-Pack)
Avian-X AXP Full Body Honker Feeders (Pk/6)
Avian-X AXP Full Body Honker Feeders (Pk/6)

Avian-X AXP Full Body Honker Feeders (6-Pack)

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2 walking feeder bodies, 2 short neck feeder bodies, 2 stretch neck feeder bodies, 2 walking feeder heads, 2 short neck heads, 2 stretch neck feeder heads. Life-sized. Natural realism. Advanced plastic construction. Extremely durable. Lightweight. Flocked

These cutting edge decoys feature new body postures including adult males and females, subdominant males, and subdominant females, as well as juvenile birds, all of which combine to create the most natural, most life-like spread ever to hit the field. The AXP series are true custom style painted decoys designed to rival any production decoy ever created.

These incredibly rugged decoys are perfect for the "Throw and Go" style of hunting desired by many of today's fowlers who have grown weary of bagging and unbagging individual blocks. Ultra-realistic paint schemes and the ultimate in paint adhesion combine for what many consider the final word in full-body field honkers.


  • 2 Walking Feeder bodies
  • 2 Short-Neck Feeder bodies
  • 2 Stretch-Neck Feeder bodies
  • 2 walking feeders heads
  • 2 short-neck feeders heads
  • 2 stretch-neck feeder heads
  • Life-sized custom-style honker decoys
  • Stunning, completely natural realism
  • Advanced plastic construction
  • Extremely durable
  • Very lightweight
  • Flocked heads
  • Includes 11.5" over-sized square metal retractable motion bases