Avian-X Topflight Blue-Wing Teal Duck Decoys (6-Pack)
Avian-X Topflight Blue-Wing Teal (Pk/6)
Avian-X Topflight Blue-Wing Teal (Pk/6)

Avian-X Topflight Blue-Wing Teal Duck Decoys (6-Pack)

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Ultra-realistic flocking and paint schemes. Weight-forward swim keel. Lifelike motion. Includes 2 low head drakes, 2 feeder drakes, 1 low head hen, 1 feeder hen.

Avian-X presents their newest series of true, custom-style painted Teal decoys. These decoys were created to capture the true personality and body anatomy of a feeding flock of Teal as they search the water surface for food. A perfect combination of low-heads and feeders create the look that passing Teal are searching for. Couple that with the advanced rubberized molding material and non-chip paint and you have the best of the best. The Blue-Winged Teal Series comes with 4 drakes (2 low-heads, 2 feeders), and 2 hens (1 low-head and 1 feeder). All Topflight Series decoys feature the innovative weight-forward swim keel design, simply snap the line through the swim clip creating a natural motion to the decoys, whether in current or in the slightest breeze. Decoys are slightly over-sized measuring 10" breast to tail.


  • Ultrarealistic paint schemes
  • Multiple body styles and head positions
  • Lifelike motion, even in low wind
  • 10" breast to tail

Six pack includes:

  • Two (2) low-head drakes
  • Two (2) feeder drakes
  • One (1) low-head hen
  • One (1) feeder hen