Dakota Decoy Hen Turkey Decoy
Dakota Decoy Hen Turkey Decoy
Dakota Decoy Hen Turkey Decoy

Dakota Decoy Hen Turkey Decoy

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Most realistic turkey decoy to date. EVA blended plastic for ultra durability. virtually indestructible. Guaranteed paint retention. Relaxed body position relaxes/entices toms. Internal storage. Incldues metal stake system.

The Dakota Decoy X-Treme Hen Turkey Decoy is a must-have edition to the Dakota Decoys lineup. With his decades of turkey hunting experience, Master Carver Dave Constantine has developed the ultimate dual purpose hen turkey decoy. It has the the perfect body posture of a standing, non-alert hen, and when set on the ground the decoy doubles as a pre-bred hen to entice those anxious toms.

Designed with unmatched detail and realism and constructed of EVA blend plastic, this high quality, virtually indestructible decoy is built to withstand the elements, season after season. This plastic has the best paint retention of any decoy on the market. Includes a simple metal stake system, with internal storage for ease of running and gunning. Decoy bag included.


  • Relaxed body position relaxes and entices toms
  • Durable EVA plastic body
  • Ultimate realism and detail
  • Guaranteed paint retention
  • Internal storage
  • Includes metal stake system