FrogLube CLP Liquid (8oz Bottle)
FrogLube CLP Liquid 8 oz. Bottle
FrogLube CLP Liquid 8 oz. Bottle

FrogLube CLP Liquid (8oz Bottle)

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8oz bottle. Biodegradable, non-toxic lubricant reduces friction, prevents fouling particles from bonding to metal, repels water/resists corrosion. Safe for plastic/metal/urethane/nylon/wood. Seasons metal. Results in a durable dry, slick wax-like surface.

FrogLube is a heavy specific gravity “food grade” mixture that seeps deep into the micro spaces of your firearm's metal and acts as if to ‘season’ the surface of the bore, any friction points and all areas treated with the lube. Once treated, fouling particles resist bonding to metal surfaces; instead, they easily wipe away or brush off the surface. This also applies to other loose fouling particles such as dirt, dust and sand. FrogLube does not film, nor is it a coating. Instead it is a treatment that is absorbed throughout the firearm. It is water insoluble and will repel water and resist corrosion. FrogLube is also designed for arctic use and for the use with airsoft, pellet, and paintball guns. Since FrogLube is non-corrosive to plastics and rubber, it is the preferred lubricant and preservative for O-rings, non-ferrous and rubber parts. FrogLube will actually condition O-rings and improve compressed air and pressure tank retention properties.

  • 8oz spray bottle
  • Pleasant mint smell
  • Seasons your weapon, eliminating friction
  • Fouling particles resist bonding to metal surfaces; they easily wipe way
  • Prevents dirt, dust, and sand from sticking to metal surfaces
  • Repels water and resists corrosion
  • Designed for arctic use
  • Works with airsoft, pellet, and paintball guns
  • Preserve and lubricate O-rings, non-ferrous, and rubber parts