Gear Aid ReviveX Boot Cleaner Concentrate
Gear Aid ReviveX Boot Cleaner Concentrate 4 oz.
Gear Aid ReviveX Boot Cleaner Concentrate 4 oz.
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Gear Aid ReviveX Boot Cleaner Concentrate

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4oz bottle. 3x concentrate thoroughly cleans your dirtiest footwear. Safe for leather, fabrics, and Gore-Tex. Perfect for hiking boots, running shoes, sneakers, and more. Great for prepping boots prior to waterproofing.

I think we all can agree that keeping your feet comfortable is the most important aspect of hunting, hiking, or camping. That's why we all make sure we have a great pair of boots for the occasion. And if you're anything like us, you'll hunt or camp rain or shine, which sometimes leaves you're boots dirty, mucky, and down right nasty. Luckily, ReviveX Boot Cleaner Concentrate will instantly fix your dilemma. This stuff cleans the dirtiest, grimiest shoes and boots from hiking gear to running equipment. And it's safe for leather, fabric, and Gore-Tex as well. The concentrated formula cleans 3x better than other formulas, making your footwear shine as if brand new. And if you're looking to waterproof your new boots, don't be afraid to give them a quick shine with ReviveX first, as it will thoroughly prep your boots, removing dust and unwanted particles, so you can ensure your waterproofing work leaves behind a tight seal.|


  • 4oz Bottle
  • 3x Concentrate Thoroughly Cleans Your Dirtiest Footwear
  • Safe for Leather, Fabrics, and Gore-Tex
  • Perfect for Hiking Boots, Running Shoes, Sneakers, and More